Meet the Team!

Robert "Robby" Clark

Licensed Real Estate Agent


Robert "Robby" Clark has been working in the apartment locating business for over 15 years. One review after another they sing his praises. He has a calmness that relaxes you during the apartment searching process. He loves what he does and it shows! Robby has that peaceful easy vibe. He enjoys yoga, snow boarding, kayaking, traveling, and hanging with good friends drinking a local brew.

Fun fact: Robby is also known as "DJ Robby Clark" He has been a DJ for 30+ years and still gets request to "spin" from the east coast to the west coast. How cool is that?!

Suzie Ault

Licensed Realtor


Hello Suzie! She is a spark of energy that can fuel your search all the way to the top. Suzie is an expert in finding that one of kind place you have been looking for. She is a big hit in South Tampa but knows all areas in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties Suzie has been working in our industry for over 14 years.She is a Florida native and knows what she is talking about! Suzie loves spending time with friends boating, kayaking, and going to local outdoor markets. She is a huge Orlando Magic fan and most of all she loves her rescue Australian Shepherd Koa.

Fun Facts: Suzie is a certified Zumba instructor and is also know as "DJ Daisy" Just ask they all know who she is.

Denise Marino

Licensed Real Estate Agent


Meet Denise Marino! She has more energy in her pinky than most do in their entire body. She is so great with her clients. It is almost like there is no one else in the world. She is the proud grandmother of two amazing young people. They are her pride and joy. Adorbs! Denise and her husband love to ride their bike (motorcycle) on trips through the beautiful Florida settings. They have even ridden up to Savannah Georgia They know how to enjoy life!

Fun Fact: Denise is a dog lover! Her fur babies are spoiled! Chicken anyone LOL. Lucky dogs!!

Valerie Ngolle

Licensed Realtor


What can we say about Valerie... A lot! She has been all over the world (she lived in Africa for over 30 years!!) and the one constant is her love for helping people. That is why she is terrific working in real estate. She will help you think of things you didn't even realize you needed. Valerie is a married mother of three grown children she knows what is takes to balance it all. Originally from Colorado she left the cold snowy winters and the Rocky Mountains for the tropical climate in Africa. In 2007 she relocated to Tampa where she has been happy and enjoying the paradise we all know and love. When she is not busy helping clients she volunteers at the Straz Center as well as swimming, cycling, photography and spending time with friends. Fun Fact: Bonjour and Au Revoir if you speak a little French give her a call she can do that too!

Kim Mushaben

Licensed Real Estate Agent


Thank you for your service! That is right Kim is a proud Air Force veteran. Kim served 25 years for our country. We are so fortunate to have her on our team. Kim loves the outdoors. From kayaking to the local open air market. She is one with nature.

Ryan Marino

Licensed Real Estate Agent


Hey there Ryan! Yes he is that friendly. He has never met a stranger. Once you meet him you will instantly feel at ease. Ryan is a Floridian born and raised. If anyone knows the Tampa Bay area it is Ryan. Ryan loves to travel the world. He has been to Thailand, India, South Africa, Spain, and so many other places not to mention just about everywhere in the US. He is a certified Yoga instructor. So when it comes to finding a beautiful zen space he is your guy. Ryan has also worked at several organic farms and has ran community farms that grew organic food to help feed lower income people in need of a healthy alternative. Always giving back.

Fun Fact: Ryan can do a 10 minute headstand! Wow!

Darius DeBuhr

Licensed Real Estate Agent


Darius DeBuhr is in the house! What an exciting guy! Darius came to us by way of Virginia through Florida State University (in the early 90's). He has a degree in Interior Design which he used for designing home theaters in Naples for a bit. Kind of cool huh? He has been and active Realtor since 2011 with great success selling 60+ homes in his first year. As he says EVERYBODY needs a roof over their head. So when it comes to renting an apartment or selling a home he wants to help and it shows in his charismatic personality to the warmth in his efforts to help. When Darius is not spending time with his beautiful young daughter or his equally beautiful wife he is most likely listening/downloading music online or watching movies in his own home theater. Did you know there is such a thing as a Yoga Deejay? Well you do now. Darius is just that! That is where he met his wife.

Fun Fact: Darius is a huge Bruce Lee fan and he has dressed up as Bruce Lee many times. He also submitted a photo of him and his daughter wearing matching Bruce Lee Shirts that Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee posted on the official Bruce Lee Facebook page. It currently has 9400 likes. Darius says "it makes him feel connected to the man, The Legend!"

Madalyn Gwin

Licensed Realtor


Madalyn Gwin comes to A-Team with over twelve years of customer service experience in the restaurant management and retail service industry.  She is a true gem when it comes to working in real estate as they say it runs in her blood.  Madalyn has grown up in the real estate business and knows what it takes to exceed her clients expectations with a work ethic second to none.  Passionate and caring is the way her clients and team members would describe Madalyn as she is passionate about finding you the best property for you and your family.   If you choose to work with Madalyn, she will not only help guide you professionally, she will even be a friend to help you through the process.

FUN FACT:  Madalyn enjoys doing projects around the house, walks in the park & spending time with her 2 daughters and 4 legged fur babies.


Patty Schmitt

Licensed Realtor


What an exciting time to have Patty Schmitt join our team! She comes to us from the security industry with 32 years of customer service, relationship building, putting people first. As a licensed Realtor she brings a side to home sales and rentals that others in the industry do not. A proud Mother of an amazing son Patty has been blessed. She loves spending time with family and friends. Boating and fishing are some of her favorite things to do. With a smile that exudes confidence and trust we are lucky to have her on our team

Karen Czarnik

Licensed Real Estate Broker


For those of you who do not know our Broker, Karen Czarnik, Karen started A-Team Apartment Rentals and A-Team Home Sales and Rentals in 2011 after working in the apartment locating industry for five years.  Karen had a vision…. to make finding a new home for people as easy as possible and put the fun back into real estate.  Whether it was helping someone find a new apartment or helping them purchase a home, Karen wanted to help and make the experience a positive one.  Karen’s clients know that they can depend upon her to guide them through this process, have a lot of fun and always be available.  No matter what the budget, A-Team treats everyone the same.  Grateful for her blessings, her family, her clients, and her fantastic team she was able to far exceed her original vision.  Karen’s motto: “ If you believe, you can achieve anything”.  Life really is that good!

Fun Fact:  Karen is a chef by trade. Her family owned a restaurant before she came into the real estate world and she can make just about anything. Tell her the ingredients (or don't, she will figure it out by taste) and she will whip you up a treat. 

A-Team Apartment Rentals is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports the Fair Housing Act.

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